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Giclée printing is a high-quality and sophisticated printing method often used for reproducing artworks, photographs, and fine art prints. It involves using specialized inkjet printers that use archival-quality inks to produce prints with exceptional colour accuracy, detail, and longevity. The term “Giclée” is derived from the French word “gicler,” which means to spray or squirt, reflecting the way the ink is applied to the paper.

Giclée prints are renowned for their ability to faithfully reproduce intricate details and a wide range of colours, making them a popular choice among artists and photographers who want to create reproductions of their original works while keeping the highest quality standards. The use of archival inks and acid-free or archival papers ensures that Giclée prints have a longer lifespan and are less prone to fading or degradation over time compared to traditional printing methods.

Overall, Giclée printing is valued for its ability to capture the essence and subtleties of an original artwork or photograph, making it a preferred choice for limited edition prints and high-end art reproductions.

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Innova Décor smooth Art 210gsm

The velvet-smooth finish and appealing natural white tone of this 100% cellulose paper is the most lightweight of all our Giclées and is well suited to both shorter and larger print runs.  This paper is well suited for poster reproduction as the smooth surface ensures that even the finest details in your artwork are preserved.

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